The essential to know of the 5 materials of garden furniture

The essential to know of the 5 materials of garden furniture

Resin garden furniture, wrought iron garden furniture, teak garden furniture: desire for relaxation and well-being? Choose your garden furniture from a lounge chair or a sun lounger! Wood, metal, rattan, cheap garden furniture: follow the guide to find out which type of garden furniture to choose!

The 3 criteria for choosing a garden furniture

Choosing the best garden furniture combines with determining:

  1. The material (s), synonymous with durability, maintenance and price. The criterion not to miss.
  2. The number of people for whom it is planned. Table for two or XXL living room, it’s up to you.
  3. The configuration and style which are a matter of taste and available space. Eat standing or chaise longue, the choice is yours!

The essential to know of the 5 materials of garden furniture

  1. Wood requires maintenance whatever its species and provenance. We appreciate its warmth, the simplicity of its lines and its weight which makes it stable. The price depends on the gasoline.
  2. The metal is robust and heavy. Aluminum, sleek and design, is the best choice because it naturally resists bad weather and requires no maintenance. Epoxy steel, which for better protection against corrosion is treated by catachresis, offers shapes from the most modern to the most classic. Wrought iron is the heaviest and light and stainless galvanized steel. Metals can be renovated and their price varies according to their nature.
  3. The resin, light and with varying degrees of comfort, offers its entry level in molded resin and its high end in braided resin. Its forms are modern and the tops of its tables in clear or tinted glass. Not removable and easy to maintain.
  4. The plastic or resin injected is light, with classic and comfortable shapes. We like its simplicity, its low prices and its ergonomics which minimize the bulk during wintering. Easy maintenance and cannot be renovated.
  5. Text Ilene is the material of choice for seats and backrests in combination with metal. Flexible and resistant, its maintenance is based on soapy water.

This vast open space that is your garden is decorated and fitted out on a common theme because it is a living room. Combining a tea garden furniture with a metal garden shed under a pink parasol and on a charcoal gray tiled terrace is a glimpse of what not to do … If your garden looks like a tavern with colorful light garlands, dare the bistro tables, high tables, Vichy tablecloths and vintage parasols … the garden furniture is a living room in the garden, the decor is up to you! Best Outdoor furniture

The different materials of garden furniture

Garden furniture is available in different materials: wood, resin and metal. Durability, weather resistance, weight, maintenance, color and atmosphere are linked to the choice of material. So as not to be mistaken about the choice of your garden furniture and take advantage of the freshness of a shade veil between two flower beds, an overview of the materials!

Wooden garden furniture

The wooden garden furniture is quite heavy, resistant, removable, warm and exotic. The wood can be of different species and classified on a scale of 1 to 5 according to their properties (resistance to humidity, insects, heat, etc.). The main ones are:

  1. Garden furniture in Itabuna, resists fungi, insects, it is rot- resistant and recommended in the marine environment, the reference in resistance, class 5;
  2. Teak garden furniture, rot-proof and resistant to termites and fungus, a safe bet, class 4;
  3. Acacia garden furniture, resistant to humidity and fungi and insects, rot-proof, cheaper than exotic woods, class 4;
  4. Pine garden furniture, impregnated for better protection, constitute the first price wooden garden furniture, class 4;
  5. Eucalyptus garden furniture, medium to long-lasting resistance to fungi and insects, a good compromise since it is cheaper than teak, class 2;
  6. Rattan garden furniture, belongs to the palm family, rattan is a rot-proof, resistant and light vine. Used in basketry, it has a certain exoticism in the garden furniture.

Choosing a labeled wooden garden furniture set is preferable because it guarantees that the forest from which the timber is taken is managed in a sustainable manner:

  • Wood labeled FSC, Forest Stewardship Council
  • Wood certified PEFC, Pan European Forest Certification (Program for the recognition of forest certifications)

Wood maintenance

  • Exotic wood is maintained with oil (the best known is teak oil) to prevent it from turning gray over time.
  • The other species, such as pine, are used with specific wood stain.

Resin garden furniture

Resin garden lounges are light to heavy, resistant, non-renewable, modern and timeless.

The resin that makes up garden furniture can be braided, molded or injected:

  1. A garden furniture in woven resin means that the resin is woven. This manufacturing process has a better finish and is the top price;
  2. A garden furniture in molded resin means that the resin is molded by imitating the shape of the braiding at the level of the seats and backrests ; it is often the first price resin garden furniture;
  3. A garden set in injected resin or plastic, the most common on tavern terraces, wide choice of colors and shape, light and resistant and matt or glossy. Garden sets in resin are often combined with an aluminum structure and the garden tables have a glass top. Different colors, shapes and finishes are available.

Maintenance of resin garden furniture

Resin garden furniture is weather resistant but cannot be renovated, its lifespan is 5 to 10 years. Of soap and water is sufficient for their daily maintenance and appearance can be partly preserved through a household product dedicated. The braided and molded resins are brushed to remove dust.

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