amazon scout vs jungle scout

Know about amazon scout vs jungle scout: Which one to choose?

You don’t need me to tell you how well-known and well-liked Amazon is. It’s likely that if you’re reading this, you’ve been selling on Amazon long enough to be familiar with all the quirks of the US market. Online vendors work hard to capture the attention of the audience and convert this traffic despite the astounding quantity of Amazon customers. Here we will help you to learn about amazon scout vs jungle scout

Amazon business owners should conduct extensive digital marketing research to locate a winning product, grasp the potential of their inventory, and obtain a competitive edge in the face of thousands of competitors. And for this reason, you really need a strong Amazon product research tool.

Know about Jungle Scout?

Many individuals use the keyword research tool Jungle Scout to identify the best-selling products and services on Amazon. Initially released in 2015, it has created a sizable product database to explore winning products and has created a set of tools for inventory management and product listing improvement.

  • Despite the conflicting opinions, Jungle Scout is a tool designed to monitor products’ daily or monthly sales, average selling prices, and ratings.
  • Overview of the main tools: There are currently 475 million products in the product database, which is continually expanding.
  • You can quickly find reputable, high-quality suppliers using the Supplier Database, allowing you to bring your product idea to life.
  • Sales Analytics continuously tracks and compares your sales in a live setting.
  • Planning and administration of inventories can be automated with Inventory Manager.
  • Academy. Regardless of your level of expertise selling on Amazon, there is a training programme incorporated into your Jungle Scout account that you can use to study at your own pace.
  • Best-selling items, price fluctuations, competition, and customer demand are all tracked by Product Tracker.
  • An Amazon seller can use a keyword research tool to develop their SEO strategy using popular keywords and raise the position of their products in Amazon’s search results.
  • In order to provide a complete understanding of a product’s seasonality, Keyword Scout identifies high-ranking keywords, examines historical keyword performance, and applies this data.
  • You can find rising trends and lucrative market areas with the aid of Opportunity Finder.

What is Amz Scout?

Even though AMZScout and Jungle Scout are very similar, AMZScout stands out because of the AmzScout extension, which has gained the trust of its users for its capacity to find worthwhile Amazon products, assess competition, and identify particular keywords. More sophisticated capabilities to improve product listings, gain access to historical pricing information, and calculate sales projections are available in the AMZScout online app. 


Overview of the Primary Tools:

  • 550 million goods are listed in the Product Database.
  • Finding and validating profitable items, Amazon Product Research breaks them down by day, week, month, and year, or focuses on seasonal sales trends.
  • Users of the Amz Scout Product Tracker can add the products of rival companies to a product tracker and track their daily sales.
  • You can organize your product listings and rank higher in Amazon’s search results by using the Keywords Research Tool.
  • The full picture of how your listing keywords work and how optimization affects your ranking and sales is displayed by Amazon Keyword Tracker.
  • Using data analytics, prospective suppliers are found. Finding a source of products is the next step after identifying a product niche to target.

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