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Sentosa islands – Must visit & Must do

Sentosa is a small island positioned towards Singapore’s southern coast, connected to the city by road, monorail, and cable car. An Island that has something for everyone, from little ones, adults, friends, families or even colleagues, Sentosa is a must-visit. Offering over 32 themed attractions, shopping centres, award-winning spas, sandy beaches, and luxury resorts, ideally, a single day might not do justice to gasp everything the island has to offer. So you can either pick a few favourites or spend a couple of days in this adventure island and experience it to its entirety. The choice is all yours, but don’t miss out on the must do’s of Sentosa!

1. Universal Studios

Universal Studios has to be number one on the list. Get ready for a ball of a time, filled with thrill, excitement, and wonderment at the Universal Studios. From roller coasters taking you to back to the Egyptian mummies to the ultimate 3D transformer ride throwing you straight into the future. Get delighted to meet your favourite characters while enjoying some amazing shows, live stunts, food stalls and a lot of on-street entertainment. Reserve a day exclusively to make the most of your visit here.

Pro tip: To avoid crowds choose a weekday. While you can always skip the long queues by taking an express pass which can be bought for a supplement cost at the entrance booths.

2. Ifly Singapore

If you’ve ever wished to fly but are scared of heights, then its time to let go of the fears and fly high at Sentosa’s largest indoor skydiving spot. A boon for adventure seekers who can experience a realtime dive almost at one-fifth of the cost of actual skydiving.

3. Sea aquarium

Deep dive into a 360-degree multi-sensory experience of the marine at the largest underground sea aquarium. It is home to over 1,00,000 aquatic animals across 100 species including Sharks, jellyfish, dolphins and many other fascinating creatures. Get closer than you could ever imagine and be rest assured that you would get back with some unforgettable experiences.

4. Madame Tussauds

Go around and meet your favourite celebrities, sports stars, actors and world leaders almost live. Madame Tussauds is home to wax statues of many world-renowned personalities including Michael Jackson, Christiano Ronaldo, Shahrukh Khan, Serena Williams, Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth. Moreover, it hosts a bunch of interactive shows and activities for its visitors like the Marvel 4D Cinema, Trick Eye Museum, Trick Eye Museum and much more. Get ready for some precious clicks with your favourite stars!

Singapore tour packages

5. Sentosa Merlion

A vacation to Singapore would be incomplete without a visit to its famous Merlion Park. With the head of a lion and a body of a fish, this 37-meter tall statue is considered to be the guardian protecting its shores. Climb up to the highest point in the tower, that is the Merlion’s mouth, and enjoy panoramic views of the city for just S$8 and don’t forget to take some merlion souvenirs with you back home!

6. Wings of time

Sit back and enjoy the dance of the water jets displaying an enchanting tale of friendship. A 3D show that keeps its audience captivated with a perfect fusion of water fountains, music, colourful lights and animation, Wings of time is in short, a pure magical adventure that happens every night along the island beaches and makes it the best way to end your day at Sentosa.

7. Sentosa Cable Car

The Sentosa cable car offers spectacular views of the Singapore city with scenic vistas of its beautiful harbour, tall buildings and sandy beaches. Soak yourself in the 360 degrees views via the ariel link connecting the Sentosa Island and Mount Faber. The cable car offers two lines: The Mount Faber line connecting the Sentosa Island with the Mainland and the Sentosa line which runs only within the island.

8. Super Yacht Royal Albatross

Sailing through the waters past the beautiful cityscapes and skyline of the Lion city is a top thing you can do in Sentosa. Choose from either a 2-hour sailing tour or a Sunset dinner sail while digging into a delicious three-course meal on this luxury yacht. It can be a perfect surprise to woo your loved ones!

But, please note that this cruise takes off only on the weekends – Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so do plan your visit accordingly!

9. Adventure Cove Waterpark

There’s no better way to beat the heat, but to jump into the cool waters or skim through some high-speed water slides. Get ready for a lot of thrilling and exciting rides from the tunnel plunges surrounded by fishes, wave pools, to the tidal twisters. Cove Park will promise you some fun hours with your loved ones.

10. KidZania Singapore

A perfect paradise for your little ones, with a day filled with learning, interactive activities, and entertainment all under one roof. An atmosphere that allows your kids to take up real-life roles, from doctors, fashion designers, chefs to astronauts irrespective of what they want to become. A nurturing environment created with an aim to create interactive experiences for kids to explore, showcase and innovate their talents, KidZania is a must-visit in Sentosa.

These are just a few, from a lot many other hings that the island offers, so get ready to experience the thrill, adventure, and luxury of Sentosa. Sure enough, that you’re all geared up to plan your next Singapore holiday. Do check out some amazing Singapore tour packages offered by various travel companies that best suit your preferences so that you can have a hassle-free vacation. Wish you a great vacay!

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