In this world of the internet and technology, Web developers are those individuals who translate the English language or the transcript provided by the organization into the computer language. Some of the computer languages include HTML, Python, CSS, etc. In general terms, all the web pages we see are coded and written by the developers. In today’s generation, Web developers play an active role in Digital Marketing, online marketing, and Influencing Marketing.


Web developers are those individuals that have proficient knowledge of computer languages, including HTML, python, CSS, etc. The main objective of web developers is to understand the user and create a website to satisfy their needs and requirements. A web developer focuses on providing an immersive experience to the user when using any website. To make a website responsive, the web developer must write codes and run them through the module to check the results. They also come up with several troubleshooting issues which need to be solved.


When it comes to web development, there are three distinct categories of web developers. Each of these web developers has its responsibilities and duties in their career. Types of web developers are:

  1. Front-end developers: Front-end developers are those developers who look up at the design and the requirement that clients want. Based on those requirements, the developer writes and implements the codes on the website. The primary language required for a front-end developer is CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  2. Back-end developers: The job of a back-end developer is quite challenging and demanding. A back-end developer’s fundamental role and responsibility are to look after how the website will respond and load when the user is using it. In general, the back-end developers are more dependent and related to the website’s server side, including the programs, database applications, efficient codes, etc.
  3. Full stack developers: A full stack developer can be said to be the individual with the knowledge of both front-end and back-end development. A full-stack developer can use every aspect of the website, whether it is in the designing or even the working at the back-end.


The best. The project developer is to have a basic knowledge of computer languages. Some of the skills that a web developer requires are given below:

  1. HTML: HTML is one of the easiest computer languages. However, when it comes to front-end web developers, the HTML language is the basic foundation.
  2. CSS: CSS is the second most essential and vital language when it comes to front-end development. Both CSS and HTML run simultaneously, i.e., to give a good display picture to the HTML code, CSS is used. It Includes changing color, changing fonts, positioning the elements, margining, etc.
  3. JavaScript: JavaScript is the language that is used to make a website more interactive, responsive interactive, and attractive to the user. Java Scripts are embedded with the HTML source code for developing a website.


A web developer must have a keen knowledge and interest in computer coding. Moreover, it must have a profession and knowledge of computer languages, including Python, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. A web developer can be a front-end developer, back-end developer, or full-stack developer.

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