Here are the Most Difficult Items to Pack for a Move

Here are the Most Difficult Items to Pack for a Move

Are you planning to move? This is a great step, and you might be very excited to move into your new place. However, the process poses a challenge to most people as they wonder how to prepare for this action. You can consider calling a moving company for advice on preparation and packaging. Good preparation ensures that your valuable items and furniture are safe and not at risk of breakage or damage. In this article, we are going to outline the most difficult items to pack for a move.

  1. Flimsy Items

Some items you might have in possession such as art, glassware, and China-made, are often fragile at risk of splintering. You should take great precautions when packing them. You should pack such items using protective materials, such as packing peanuts or bubble wraps. Also, ensure when moving they are transported in your car, or the moving company you call should have a place to carry such items. When packing in boxes, always start with the stable objects, then the fragile ones at the top to avoid the weights of the other items breaking them. Note that most of these items are not heavy, but handling them is the challenge.

  1. Large Furniture Items

Moving large furniture is one of the hardest tasks since it requires manpower and knowledge on how to move them. Items such as couches, large bedheads, dining tables, and refrigerators require skills to be able to navigate around your home to the moving vehicle. Some, like large couches, often get stuck moving them out of your house, which can consume a lot of time. The best way is, if any of these items can be separated into parts, you can use that to your advantage. separate them and try to move them out of the house.

  1. House Plants

One of the headaches of moving, especially for a plant lover, is moving plants. Most of these plants are often in the pots, which are often at risk of breaking. The recommended way of moving this is by packaging them in boxes and labeling the boxes on the side. You should also consider keeping your boxes open and ensure you place cushions between them to prevent them from shaking and breaking. When moving, you can use your car or ensure the movers know about them so that they can be cautious.

  1. Aquariums

Moving an aquarium is one of the most challenging jobs, especially for one full of fish. The first difficult task is to ensure that the fish survive and the aquatic plants. However, it entails a lot of precaution, especially if you will be moving in a long distance.

  1. Television

Televisions are often fragile and the risk of damaging it is high during relocation time. You should always ensure you handle the TV with care and avoid placing them on floor. You should consider covering it with something like a blanket and pack it in its original box. Always ask a friend to help you in packing it to prevent from falling down and breaking in the process.


Always take precautions and prepare in advance when planning to move. Ensure everything is well packed, before calling a moving company. We hope that this article has helped you how to pack these items.

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