Checklist to Prepare for Kerala Board Exams

Checklist to Prepare for Kerala Board Exams

It’s that time of the year again when Kerala Board students are busy gearing up for their school exams. For some, this might be their last chance to shine in front of their peers and parents. And for others, it could be their first step towards securing a good future. Whatever the case may be, it’s important that you make the most of your opportunity and prepare as best as possible. After all, these exams determine your academic and professional future.

How to Prepare for the Kerala Board Exams

There is no doubt that preparation for the Kerala Board exams is essential, and it is no easy task. However, this checklist will help you get started. And though it can be a daunting task, following these steps will keep you on the right track and help you score high marks in the exams.

Checklist to Get Ready for the Exams

The first step in preparing for the board exams is to make a study schedule. Don’t wait until the Kerala Board of Public Examinations (KBPE) has announced the dates for the school exams. This will be too late to cover the entire syllabus and affect your performance. Students who wish to achieve good grades in these examinations need to follow a checklist to prepare for the exams.

Some of the tips that students need to follow include studying hard, practising mock tests, and practising for long hours. However, even with these preparations, students may still find themselves unprepared for some questions on the exams. Therefore, it is important to have a checklist that helps students prepare for the exams and score high marks.

Here are some tips to prepare for the Kerala Board exams:

  1. Know the syllabus well: The syllabus is a key part of any Board exam preparation. The syllabus gives you an overview of the topics and chapters that you are expected to learn. It also gives you an idea of the marks distribution, which helps you identify important topics. For example, Kerala syllabus 8th standard helps Class 8 students learn about the topics included in the course. It also helps them learn about the marks allotted to each topic. If you know what topics are covered in each unit of study and identify important topics, you will be better prepared to answer questions about those topics.
  2. Be familiar with the exam format: Most students fear exams because they don’t know the format or pattern of the question paper. Familiarise yourself with the exam format so that you can answer questions quickly and confidently. Practice previous years’ question papers and sample question papers to understand the exam pattern and also learn to manage your time.
  3. Answer questions based on information in the text: Many of the questions on the Board exams are from the Board specified textbooks. This is why it is extremely important for students to study from SCERT Kerala textbooks while preparing for the Kerala Board exams. This also helps you learn to answer questions accurately and score higher marks.
  4. Think positive: Getting ready for an exam can be daunting, but it’s important to remember that there is no “one size fits all” approach to studying. What works well for one student might not work as well for another. The best strategy to get ready for exams is to find what works best for you and stick with it.

Some things that can help ease anxiety and stress when studying for class exams include: taking breaks every 20 minutes or so, focusing on one task at a time, setting realistic goals, and visualising yourself successively completing each step of the study process. Additionally, it’s helpful to have a support system available during exams; talk to your classmates or professors about any questions you have about the material. Finally, be sure to stay positive and confident throughout the entire process!


As a student preparing for the Kerala Board exams, it is important to have everything ready and organised in advance. The following checklist can help you make sure that you are prepared for the exam day itself. No matter what grade level you are studying at, taking a few minutes to prepare yourself will go a long way in ensuring that your academic success is maximised on exam day.

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